Hydraulic Mechanic

Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems, hoists, lifts and motors.

Overhauling heavy vehicles engines and transmissions.Β 

Instal and restructure pumps valves cylinders etc.

Assist mechanics with the installation of hydraulic systems.

Test ignitions distributor timers and compression checkers.

Auto Electrician

Repair & replacement of faulty auto-electric systems and components.

Conduct regular equipment maintenance service and check-ups.

Repair electrical system in several types of Heavy vehicles.

Skilled in automotive technologies and systems.

Heavy Machinery Operator

Experience in operating boom-lifts(truck mount), fork-lifts, tele-handlers, and hydraulic truck cranes in compliance with safety policies.

Off-load equipment and materials with no handling errors.

Maintain a clean and organized working area and maximize throughput around delivery times.

Perform routine fitness-to-use checks on a fleet of vehicles prior to use.

Learn procedures and methods quickly and efficiently, adapting to logistical needs of a diverse client portfolio.

Account Executive

Financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting.

Accounts payable and receivable management, tax return filing, regulatory compliance.

Collaborate effectively with sales to generate increased sales volume and exceed revenue goals every year.Β 

Prepare financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, invoices etc.

Bring unmatched value through excellent customer service.

Sales Executive

Devising and implementing Company’s sales strategies and finding new channels for obtaining work orders.

Meeting and building rapport with existing customer and subsequently closing the deal.

Demonstrating Equipment to customers and liaising with suppliers on a daily basis.

Communicate with customer feedback, enquiries, complaints, refunds and perform related paperwork(digital).

Ensuring sales targets are met before the specified deadlines by supervising and updating work progress regularly to directors.